"Consistency is the mother of mastery."

Exceed your limits and discover your power through online coaching. Online coaching is a great tool for you who need that extra push when you are running short of motivation to get started. RYB offers tailored workouts directly in your pocket. You get access to the RYB app, where you have your customized workout programme and nutrition plan ready to go. You can also connect your own devices through the app, such as Apple watch and Strava. This makes it easy for you to log your workouts where your trainer can easily give you feedback to make sure you are making progress.


My goal is to give you the right tools you need to succeed and not only wishing for change but actually act upon it. 


Every meal plan is adjusted after your daily life and customized after your needs, with different options for every meal; breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Quick, simple, and healthy recipes in alignment with your fitness goals.

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Get the best of two worlds! Nutrition and a workout plan both customized to optimize your performance and reach your full potential. Includes a wide range of healthy recipes and meals that goes hand in hand with your workout routines.


Get a tailored workout plan adjusted after your previous experience, lifestyle, and fitness goals. RYB´s gives you instant access to videos for every exercise and logging options so your trainer can follow your progress and give you instant feedback, wherever you are in the world.

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Training with Zebastian is the highlight of the week. With his commitment and focus, which is well above 100%, he makes me believe in myself and do things I never thought I would be able to do. He is a boost for both body and self-confidence. I warmly recommend Zebastian. 


You will not regret it!